Apple Homekit Setup on iPhone



Over the weekend I have installed the Tado Bridge and Thermometer for my new boiler installation. The Extension kit is being fitted this week when the engineer comes back. I did all the initial set up on my iPad and therefore can see the current temperature in the Homekit on the iPad.

However I also wanted to add the Tado unit to my iPhone so can look and control it from there going forward. I have the Tado app installed on my iPhone however I am not able to add it to my Apple Home on the iPhone. When I try and connect the Wireless bridge, I have tried to scan the code and also enter it manually but it won't connect to the iPhone.

Am I missing something here and can I have the Tado linked to both my iPhone and iPad in the HomeKit ? I also have an Apple TV and that is linked to both Homekit apps but it maybe different for the Heating controls?

Can anyone advise please ?




  • Hi All

    So after typing the question earlier I decided it may be worth restarting my iPhone to see if I could try and re-add the Tado unit. I am pleased to say that after restarting the iPhone I opened Apple Home and noted that the Thermometer is now showing.

    Sorry for asking dumb question.