Smart Thermostat unexpectedly switches to ON

I have recently (August) moved and my new place has floor heating. I replaced my Smart Radiator Thermostats with Smart Radiators and everything is working. The installation was very smooth.

Since then, I noticed that in one of the rooms (Office) the Smart Thermostat starts heating on its own. I already checked if there were any schedules or settings that would result in that behaviour but couldn't find any reason why it's behaving like that.

The default setting I keep is "OFF - Until you cancel". The only Smart Schedule that is set is from "Mon-Sun" as OFF. The Away setting is also set to OFF in "Preheat Before Arrival".

Firmware version is 67.2, status is connected and battery level is reported as "Good". I can provide the serial number if that can be useful to help me troubleshoot.

Any ideas, Tado support?

Thanks in advance.


  • My system has developed exactly the same problem - 4 years of trouble free operation then overnight my underfloor heating does not turn off! I have tried 2 thermostats with a similar problem - convinced it is a firmware issue - the more closely I look the more I suspect that there is a significant time delay in the system triggering the in built relay switch - somewhat surprised that you haven't had a response to your post though

  • I actually got a response. I disconnected the taco bridge from Apple Homekit and for the last 2 weeks it has worked as expected.

    This was part of the support email that gave the hint: "Any changes done via HomeKit/Siri will show up as a manual control. From experience, we have had users using a third party integration having these type of issues. Whenever this was unlinked and linked back again, the issue got solved."

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