Setting Up TRVs in Bedrooms

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Our upstairs is one zone controlled by a non-Tado wired wall stat positioned on the landing. There’s no radiator on the landing.

I want to be able to control the temperature in each bedroom separately.

Can the Tado Wall Stat be setup so that it doesn’t read the temperature closest to it but just takes demands for heat from the Tado TRVs?


  • Not necessary the same situation, but the short answer is, I believe you can.

    TL;DR - long answer:

    may not be the same situation: I replaced the wired stat with a tado one, position in the master bedroom, but my room radiator has manual valve (non-TRV)

    In the same zone, my kid's bedroom, I replaced the "dumb" TRV to tado ones.

    Somehow, when the kid's room call for heat, it managed to tell the wall wired tado stat in my room to release heat, even the master bedroom is already at the right temperature.

    Hope that helps

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @sjf73 There are two operating MODES for the tado devices and ONLY support can change your system from one mode to the other.

    1. All tado devices can call for heat
    2. The Smart Wall thermostat needs to call for heat in order for other devices to get that heat.

    Looks as though you are on mode 2. Use chat line on to get it changed. It's only a couple of minutes once you get to support.

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