Smart Trv’s

I would like to install smart trv’s on the upper floor zone 2 to call for heat but I don’t need the wall mounted thermostat, is there a way to do this and if so what parts would I need?


  • Stefano_g

    it’s simple, after mounted the smart termostatic heads you create a new room (or rooms as you decide to do) on he tado app, end.

    only problem you can have, depending how much the distance between the thermostat and the termostatic heads) is the termostatic heads aren’t seen from the tado sistem, in this case you need buy an extension kit.

    remember that tado don’t use the home Wi-Fi net but create a properly net

  • Roly73
    Stefano_g , thank you for your comments and advice but I was actually asking if the smart radiator thermostatic valve can talk to the boiler (call for heat) without using the wall mounted thermostat.
    I already have a wall mounted thermostat and do not wish to change it as it complements the decor and the Tado unit wouldn’t (but it’s a very nice unit).
    Please advise and help if you can.
    Thank you in advance.
  • I believe that the STRVs can only call for heat with the wall mounted (wired or wireless) thermostat, otherwise they will only draw existing heat based on your existing thermostat's demand for heat.