New Installation - Smart TRV Question - Please Help


Hi there,

New user out of depth and in need of help.

UK user with a 3 bed semi detached 2 storey house.

The house had been running on an old combi boiler for years with 10 radiators using traditional radiator valves (1 to 5 on the dials). Never had a ‘central thermostat’ in the old system.

About 18 months ago old boiler was condemned and fitter replaced with a new Ideal combi boiler and insisted that a thermostat had to be fitted in the system. Thinking about future proofing we asked about smart thermostats and having been shown a hideous bog standard system at a budget price we enquired about Nest and fitter was happy to go with that option.

Well, it’s clearly been installed and is in place but the more I tried to learn how to use it the more I realised it was a redundant expensive thermometer and that Nest was clearly designed for open plan single storey American houses. We close lots of doors in our house and have distnct patterns of usage for each room as well as in and out times throughout the day.

It was suggested to me that smart TrV’s were the solution and that Tado were the best. So I bought the Smart TRV Starter Kit and the eight TrV’s we want to be able to control.

And that’s where I’ve hit a brick wall...

I somehow assumed that the Nest could be switched off to sit there dumb, and that the Tado TRV’s would somehow overrule the role the Nest used to play. Clearly it’s not that simple and I’m fearful now of what extra budget I’ve got to find for this system, not to mention being unsure what to buy or how to fit it.

I’ve no desire for a smart thermostat n the system at all, either Nest or the Tado equivalent.

Is there a way to either include and bypass the Nest, or can the Nest be removed and just the Tado TRV’s used? Do I need to replace the Nest with a Tado Thermostat? Do I need the ‘Extension Kit’ - what does that even do? Can an Extension Kit plus the Tado TRV’s solve the problem without the Thermostat?

Can someone please advise me?

Think the boiler is an Ideal Logic Plus and then there’s a white Nest interface box wired to the boiler and mounted on the wall, plus a wireless Nest Thermostat Dial plugged in to power on a stand in the dining room. Nest is the first thermostat we ever had in our heating system in this house.