Measuring device

Hi All,

Just a very quick question. Does setting a measuring device in a group disable other devices within that same group from calling for heat?

I can't see a definitive answer in the community and have seen previous discussions mention that this function has to be set up by tado support, so just wanted clarification.

Thanks in advance, Sam


  • AFAIK the measuring device becomes 'master' and is used to determine the temperature for that group.

    The other SRTs may be used to change the requested temperature, without needing to go to (or remember) the measuring device. They do not request heat, however.

    If the measuring device fails, you can get "Set to X°" displayed in the APP, rather than "Heating to X°", even though the displayed temperature is lower than X. The "Heating" message seems to be derived from the position of the valve on the measuring device.