New House!

Hi - just about to complete on a house move into a 20 year old property, around 2750sq ft.

I’m keen to get the heating running efficiently, utilising to start with the existing boiler, so after some tips with setup please?

Boiler is a Potterton Suprima 30-80, with a 2 channel Horstman Channel Plus controller. I believe the HW tank is pressurised. Current owner has indicated you don’t need to have the HW on if the heating is on.

House has 19 rads, 14 with TRVs, 4 with flow adjusters in the hall, main bathroom, second en-suite and downstairs cloakroom, and a towel rail in the main en-suite.

The kitchen/diner and the lounge both have 2 rads in each. Wired Thermo is in the hall, above the existing non TRV rad.

So I’m assuming that for best control, I need:

Wireless v3+ starter with hot water
15 TRVs (all existing plus hall)
2 wireless temp sensors (for 2 rooms with 2 rads)

This will leave bathroom, 2 en-suite and the downstairs cloak without smart control for now.

For this interested - it’s 5 bed which will mean the master bed, guest bedroom, daughters room, nursery and office will be controlled. Study downstairs will also be controlled as both myself and by parter work from home full time (regardless of covid).

What am I missing here? Seems straightforward or am I missing something? Help appreciated, going to use Black Friday and hope to pick up the lot for under £750....

Thanks for reading and any help!