Manual control.


Why have the options, when using manual control, disappeared?

With the older software for 'smart radiator thermostats' there were option to set if a thermostat temp was adjusted by turning the top. Options were 1. Until you cancel. 2. For a set time. 3. Until the next time block change.

There is now only option 1. This has led to radiators being on for very long periods as I have expected them to turn off automatically or forgetting to cancel manual control.

This goes against the claims that Tado will save costs and is better environmentally.

The options should be reinstated as a matter of urgency!

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  • Geoff13

    I did find the settings but for others the full 'path' is

    from Home page -

    Settings (bottom of page)

    (scroll up) Rooms and devices

    on this page is a list of your rooms with a right arrow ->

    click on the arrow. Here you will find: Manual control on Tado device'

    Temperature offset

    Dazzle mode