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Multi-zone setup questions

My home has two zones.

Zone 1 - Ground Floor - one wired Danfoss wired Thermostat

Zone 2 - 1st and 2nd Floor Rooms and Bathrooms - Setup with tado wired stat and radiator stats

At the moment, Zone 2 main wired wall thermostat is in master bedroom with manual valve radiator; other rooms fitted with tado-equipped TRVs.

Q1: Somehow, radiator tado stats in other rooms upstairs know how to call for heat through the Zone 2 main stats - but what if my master bedroom is at the required temperature, but one of the other rooms with radiator stats call for heat? will that cause overheating in Master bedroom (due to the manual valve).

Q2: Planning to replace the Danfoss wired stats in Zone 1 with tado wired stat as well. How can the radiator stats upstairs know that when calling for heat, it is calling from Zone 2 valves?

Sorry, may not have explained very well. Happy to elaborate if not clear.

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  • jw0ng02jw0ng02
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    I think I have found the answer for myself.

    There is a "Zone Controller" in the Room/Devices Settings (only on the "full feature" Desktop version of the web portal!). So for Zone 1 and Zone 2, I can probably define which one control exactly which TRV's. I may need to initiate chat with support settings is not correct to start with (I hope not). But at least I know it should work eventually.


  • jw0ng02jw0ng02
    edited November 21

    Hi, may be too lengthy for others to comment on.

    In short, I have 2 zones heating:

    In the setup above, my worry is that when, say Bedroom 1 call for heat, the system will commission wall stats in both zones to open the zone valve to get heat.

    So when kitchen dinner wall stat realise the desired temperature has reach and call stop heating, that will be quite a delay and waste energy due to its large space.

    or that’s not how it works? 🤔

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