I previously only had problems with the extension kit disconnecting & heating not turning on.

Since September I no longer have this problem after upgrading my bridge BUT

  1. Now my system turns on at random intervals, usually during the night, or
  2. System doesn’t turn on but everything is connected ok, only solved by using thermostat to turn on manually after which the automatic settings take over.

I’ve had no answer from either tech support or emergency number for weeks. Initially they took 1 week to send a standard answer, then after they upgraded their database recently I’ve had to call them various times . I now have a ticket number for all my problem calls that is with their developers but no way to contact them.

Extremely frustrating as this is costing money & totally outweighs any savings.

Any news on what is going on, never had these problems in the previous 4 years with them.

Seriously considering pulling it out for another solution