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Connecting tado to heatmiser ufh


i have managed to set up wired thermostat in hall and 6 trv and all working fine as they should be after replacing Siemens wired stat and dumb trvs still 2 dumb trv in bathrooms

last bit I need to solve is the final area of house kitchen/family room which has wet ufh on separate loop but not valve as main heating controlled by heat-miser ufh8rf and wireless heatmiser stat

previously if ufh calls for heat all rads heat up and ufh heats up- annoying

if wired thermostat called for heat rads heat up but ufh not unless that is on.

so I’ve gone the tado route and now rads can call for heat individually and only heat up if required.

I believe I now need to get extension kit and wire to boiler and ufh controller

can I then removed the wired stat in hall and use in kitchen to control ufh

has anyone managed this with ufh8rf, or do I need to downgrade to non rf version?

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