What do I need!

Hi I am looking at getting tado but I am really confused as to what I need!

We currently have a wireless thermostat. We want to be able to control certain rooms individually but not all and then the rest of the house be controlled by a thermostat which we can put in whichever room we want so our current system.

From what I have seen I think I need the start kit for wireless thermostat, an extension kit and then a couple of smart radiator valves. is this right??

I am just getting a bit confused with all the different add ons, if anyone can shed some light please!



  • Given that you currently have a wireless thermostat, I guess if you get the "Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit" would be a good starting point.

    May be install it in one room/zone first. Once you get some idea how it works and then expand from there?

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