Smart AC Control disable AC mode

I have TOSHIBA heat pump (air/air) and I'm controlling it with a Tado Smart AC Control V3+. Everything works fine but as I live in the cold North, I never use the AC cooling mode even my heat pump are able to cool as well. Is there anyway I can disable the cooling mode in the Tado Smart AC Control V3+ (alternative lock the heat pump in “heat mode”)?


  • RudolfM

    I live in the cold North as well.

    For my heatpump (Panasonic), the tado AC control, when set to, say, 21 degrees, sees that the heat pump provides air with a temperature of 21 degrees. Means, the room stays at 16, 17, degrees when it is cold outside. Not exactly what I would expect from a room AC control.

    For those at the tado engineering team reading this:

    The temperature sent to the heatpump is not the same thing as the desired room temperature. A good AC controller first heats up the room as fast as possible (means: setting the heatpump air temperature to 30 degrees, which is the maximum in the case of the model that I have), and then choses automatically an air temperature which is slightly above the desired room temperature, e.g. 22 degrees, if the desired room temperature is 20 degrees.

    The heatpump should stop (but not cool) when the temperature is above the desired room temperature, for instance if you use an extra wood oven you might have.

    It should never switch between heating and cooling automatically, except when put into a "summer" or "winter" mode.