How do I switch off the extension kit in the installer menu?

My extension kit has developed a fault so I have had to remove it.

I've been into the thermostat installer menu to change the config from Wireless to Wired, and then disable hot water control and disable the extension kit, then hit <save>.

However, when I go back into the installer menu, the extension kit is still enabled (a "tick" against it). If I repeat the process, the same thing happens - I cannot switch off the extension kit.

How can I disable the extension kit? I cannot control the central heating at the moment because my system is expecting to switch it on and off via the extension kit. I've called Tado support and there is no-one there!


  • How do you find these settings?

  • FrankFrank | Admin

    Hi, the installer menu is intended to be used by professional installers only, as a change to the configuration requires detailed technical understanding of heating systems to avoid creating a potentially damaging situation.

    It is therefore imperative to contact our support for such assistance.

    Best regards,


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