Radiator not working as expected

Hi everyone,

New user here.

I have fitted radiator controls in four rooms, as well as a smart thermostat, extension unit (for CH and HW) and a temperature sensor for a big room with a significant thermal gradient.

Everything has been working fine for about a week until:

-> the radiator in one of the rooms doesn’t seem to switch to the “off” position.

What happens is:

1. A device except the questionable radiator calls for heat
2. Boiler fires up, radiator asking for heat heats up
3. The questionable radiator also heats up, regardless of its temperature setting.

I have reset and reseated the radiator SRV in question, and lubricated/tested the valve itself. Competes calibration cycle with no errors.

Any suggestions?


  • DrAlex
    So: Tado support said they have “changed the calibration parameters” of the TRV. This didn’t seem to solve the problem.

    I therefore swapped the misbehaving TRV with another, and now they both seem okay.

    No idea what happened.

    I would add that all TRVs are brand new. One has FW 75.2, the other 3 (including the misbehaving one) have FW 75.1.