Missing notification when battery is low!



Just been fighting with one of my TADO radiator units.. didn't understand the error message, and only after searching on google - i found the error explained.

Low batteries!

Why did i not get a notification about this???


  • Giles

    I had this as well, one of my TRVs was not really opening, despite the app telling me it was connected with good battery life, twiddling the dial manually got a cryptic []| symbol (or something approximating it). Again, after re-seating and resetting the device several times I looked online for an interpretation and then it suggested the battery was low.

    I'm of the opinion the app isn't particularly good at refreshing its status information on connected devices, maybe it's something that doesn't happen realtime, who knows? Either way i'd have thought flat batteries would register.

    /off to buy batteries - apparently rechargables aren't recommended :(

  • HHH

    As i understand, It's just terrible design that the display and motor can't run the same time, as the battery is going flat, but the notification is just shown on the device when the motor can't run by itself.

  • I've just posted a similar thing. Problem for me is it calls for heating when its not needed. Thats because the valve doesnt open to heat the room to the required temperature so it thinks its demanding 100%

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    On the forum searching because this is the second cold radiator this year. Both of them failed to notify that they had low batteries. Both:

    • indicated they were still connected and had a "good" battery
    • would blink the TRV display when requested (so batteries not totally dead)
    • had Duracell alkaline LR6 batteries
    • had batteries that had just over a year of use
    • displayed the low battery symbol only on the TRV (no warnings via the app or email)
    • immediately returned to expected behaviour once the batteries were swapped out

    Can Tado please advise how I can tell the status of the batteries in the remaining TRVs as clearly I can't trust the app?

  • tarkadaal

    I see exactly the same issue. There is NO low-battery reporting in the app, and the first indication is when the smart RV stops working and displays the "[]" battery indicator. This is the third time it has happened to me so it is NOT a one-off glitch. I wonder if this works at all for anyone?

    I reported this as a support issue but have had no response.

  • Slintish
    Snap happened to me last week then funnily enough I got a notification today wonder if it was a bug recently fixed