Can Tado Smart Thermostat override Radiator Thermostat?


I am sure this question has been asked many times here, but I cannot seem to find an answer.

We have installed a Smart Thermostat and on each radiator (except 1 in the hallway) is a Radiator Thermostat. This all works like a charm, until someone touches the dial of any Radiator Thermostat. Once touched, it remains on that temperature indefinitely. Disregarding any smart schedule settings that, in my opinion, should reset it back to the schedule.

Many times now we woke up at night, finding out the kettle was still working to keep a room at a certain temperature.

I have read about people setting a timer to the Radiator Thermostat, but I cannot find any such thing.

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  • Rob2
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    The setting is under the setup of each room. There you can change the behavior after manual changes.