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Mixed zones with UFH and radiators

I currently have 2 zone (1 heating, 1 hot water) conventional boiler which I'm upgrading to add a manifold with underfloor heating with 2 zones. Therefore my system will be 4 zones, but the current conventional zone I'd like to further sub-divide with smart TRVs to effectively add another 3 zones to effectively have 7 zones (3 room thermostats, 3 TRVs and water).

Would Tado thermostats and smart TRVs work for this type of configuration ?



  • GermánGermán | Admin
    edited June 2019

    Hello Eamonn,

    Yes, you can have wired Smart Thermostats to control each one of the heating zones and you can then add the Smart Radiator Thermostats to work with the one that's controlling the radiators' circuit.

    But please bear in mind that we can have control in two levels when adding Smart Radiator Thermostats they can only command to a direct control (a wired Smart Thermostat) as a second level of control to the boiler/valve. They can't operate a third level (eg. If there would be an Extension Kit controlling the boiler while the Smart Thermostat controls the valve). Even though it doesn't seem to be your case, we want to clarify this.



  • I have a Glowwarm combi boiler, extension kit.
    2 Smart Thermostats controlling 10 Smart Radiator Thermostats AND another 2 wired Smart Thermostats IN kitchen and garden Room controlling underfloor heating in those 2 rooms .
    Problem: only one UFH zone works , the other usually don't work. They work like they have a min of their own - we cannot control them , manually or via tado app.

    Please help- winter time and of specialists have a clue
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