Waterproofing a bath radiator thermostat

Hey guys,

I need to install a Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat on my bath radiator, but it's close to the shower, so occasional splashes of water are a possibility. Have any of you encountered similar issue? How would you proceed in similar case to waterproof the Smart Radiator Thermostat?


  • Can I use tado° in my bathroom?

    Written by tado°

    Yes, you can use the Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Thermostats in your bathroom. However, take care to install your tado° devices in a spot where they are not directly exposed to water splashes.

    They should be installed at least 2.25 m away from the bath or shower, and, at least, 0.6 m away from your washbasin.*

    *The Smart Thermostat has an IP30 rating and the Smart Radiator Thermostat has an IP20 rating.


    Is IP20 OK for bathroom?

    2 means nothing over 12mm can enter, i.e. fingers, and 0 no water protection. The higher the second number the better the water protection.