Wireless temperature sensor - can it control smart thermostats?


Hello, I have an existing Tado setup, expanded earlier this year to include some UFH zones of a kitchen extension. However, what I find is that the main 'Downstairs' Smart Thermostat for the radiators, by being opposite the kitchen door, is getting affected by the heat from the UFH rooms, so ideally the point of measurement needs to be moved.

The new Wireless Temperature Sensor seems an ideal product for this if it can work, saving the need to alter wiring (as would an additional Smart Thermostat, except that costs more).

I do have a Smart Radiator Valve in another part of the house that had to be set up by Tado to activate the respective Smart Thermostat for the zone, allowing both the valve and thermostat to have their own schedules.

My question is can the Wireless Sensor work to activate a Smart Thermostat? Will it work any differently to using another Smart Thermostat i.e. it is just a measuring device or can it have its own schedule?