All devices offline because bridge can't connect tado server

It happened yesterday early morning.

All was working fine for many weeks.

Many users in the same situation.


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    There was a problem at Amazon AWS us-east-1 but I see my Tado is connected to Amazon AWS eu-west-1 and it was not affected. I don't know at what AWS locations Tado has servers and how the users are distributed over them.

  • Why does our tado system need a connection to their servers?
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Martinp Your account including your schedules etc are held there.

  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Yes, the Tado devices ONLY can regulate the temperature to a single set value.

    ALL OTHER functions including schedule, away mode, remote control etc etc all operate via the servers. There is a server connection that tells the devices what to do at a specific time.

    When there is no connection to the servers, the system continues to run as it was last set depending on those features. So when your internet connection or their servers fail during the evening, your heater will continue to run during the night. When it fails during the night, your system will not start up the following morning.

    You still can change the temperatures using manual setting, however (turning the TRV knob or using the button on the thermostat and the up/down arrows).

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