No remote access

Hey folks,

I've come home a few times now to all tado systems showing the 'no remote access' error and a cold house.

It seems that if there's a connection interruption, the system isn't smart enough to try to reconnect afterwards.

Does anyone know if the upgraded app has had this fixed? If so I might be tempted to pay for it.


  • There have been 3 days out of the last week where we've seen no remote access. I'm going to replace the bridge and see if that helps at all. I have a spare as I got one with my extension kit as well as a two-pack of radiator thermostats. Will update the thread.
  • FrankFrank | Admin

    Hi @Geoff

    I would recommend you contact support as well so that this can be looked at - it might be a simple fix such as moving the bridge, or something more complicated, but either way, they'll help shed light on it.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks @Frank - I have raised a support ticket. The second bridge also displayed the same behaviour.
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