Does Smart Thermostat App shows actual energy consumption?



Anyone who already uses tadoº Smart Thermostat, does the app shows actual energy consumption or only saving? Screenshots would be awesome.



  • Hi @foobar

    As most boilers are not able to measure and report the actual amount of energy they use (unlike a gas or electricity meter), it isn't possible to measure the actual energy consumption. Instead, assumptions based on local heating averages, average (non-smart) heating schedules etc. are made to give you an estimate and a baseline.

    We are hoping that the smart-meter market will soon bear some fruits that would allow a more accurate measurement to give you a clearer picture of how you use energy.

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  • It would be a very relevant functionality to evaluate the usage of heating for rented places.

    I rent a flat equipped with Tado and would love to have an indication of the heating consumption to charge extra.

    it does not have to be exact cost or usage but an index based on the time the heaters are on.

    that would be a tremendous use case for flat owners !!