Is there a way to have wireless thermostat display on all the time?

I know it’s probably done to save battery life. But can you set the wireless display of the thermostat to be on all the time?



  • No, but there is an open suggestion / request which you can add your vote to.

  • I have to say I was very disappointed to find that the target and/or current temperature was not displayed on the thermostats or smart TVR. We should have the option to have it on during the day. Perhaps in a dim state as a compromise? I had a Honeywell Evohome in my previous house and it did just that. Only reason I had to go with a different smart heating system is because Evohome is limited to 12 zones. Can you please add this feature?

  • This is the reply that I have posted in your other post on this topic......

    "Battery life is the problem with the tado° devices that use batteries as their power source......basically all devices except the Smart AC"