Rolson 3060 and wireless Tado



I bought and installed some Tado TRVs and teh wired room thermostat a few weeks ago, to replace my failed thermostat, as i thought it would provide better control of our heating.

Seems that i have to leave the heating timer permenatley on, otherwise Tado can only control TRVs during the set times on my Rolson timer. Unfortunatley that also meant teh hot water was permenatly on as well, not ideal.

Now that Rolson 3060 timer has packed in, doesnt turn any more. So i was thinking to replace it with the full TADO wireless remote suite. Can this be done? Is it just a case of wiring the reciever in place of the Rolson like for like? Do i then need to remove the wired thermostat, replacing it with a connector and use teh wireless room thermostat instead or can i use both? Wired thermostat in Hall and wireless one anywhere else i like? Even the same room as a wireless TRv (Might be redundant i know, but still.)

Are there any issues with the wiring on the Rolson when swapping to Tado? I believe the system is an S-plan (Has two valves, one for hot water, one for heating).