Stuck no heating/hot water - Danfoss TP900 Replacement

Hi, I hope someone can advise. I've replaced the Danfoss TP9000 that was in place this was connected to my boiler in the garage.

The extension kit is now installed and connected to the Smart Thermostat and I can see it on the app but it won’t turn on the heating or how water.

On the app it says I need to deactivate a receiver. The only other Danfoss equipment I have is a Danfoss TS2 remote room sensor - Not sure if its this but when I search under device models this doesn’t display anything?

The other device is a Danfoss TP4000, which is in the master bedroom which controls the radiators in this room only (which I wasnt going to replace). This is still working, is it this that’s stopping the Tado system from working?

Any advice would be extremely appreciated as currently waiting on support to get back to me and dont really want to remove this and reinstall the TP9000




  • Hi EVOB,

    Just seen your commect, "on the app it says I need to deactivate a receiver"

    By chance did you wire the spare TS2 cables into the Extension KIt?

    On the TP9000 the cables connected to 5 and 6 (Remote Sensor) are no longer required. The Smart thermostat replaces the need for these. So you can tape the ends up and tuck them into the wall out of the way as no longer needed

  • Thanks for the reply back, all sorted in the end with Tado support.