What is the point of the Wireless Temp Sensor...?

...if I have smart radiator valves?

I live in a small London flat and I've just purchased the wireless starter kit and some radiator valves for each radiator.

I'm now wondering why I even need the wireless reciever and temperature sensor if I can control all my radiators individually. The radiator valves work without the wireless reciever and temo sensor and they have a temp sensor built in.

If I switched off each rad valve, that would effectively switch off the central heating anyway.

So, effectively I have complete control over the CH without the need of the extra kit.

Just wondering if I missing something here? What's the advantage of the extra hardware?



  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    The advantage of a separate wireless temp sensor is that you can mount it at a position where it can sense the room temperature well. The radiator valves measure quite close to the heat source and also they can get wrong measurements for other reasons, like draft, a curtain, a window sill, etc. When this causes problems in some room(s) you can add those sensors.

  • But the wireless temp sensor doesn't seem to actually do anything - it senses the temp but it doesn't control the temp because the smart radiator valves overide it. So its just a really expensive room thermometer which doesn't control the boiler in any way?
  • jw0ng02

    The "wireless temp. sensor" can actually act as the temperature measuring device of that particular room.

    This way, tado will use the Temperature Sensor as the indicator of how cold/warm that room is, anther tell the tado rad. stat to open/close the valve accordingly.

  • murphyk

    I thought exactly this question. And the answer as far as I can see is absolutely nothing!

    I'm in the process of setting up my system properly, and I will leave the wireless thermostat overnight in each bedroom so that I can set the temperature offset function correctly (or whatever the proper name of it is). That seems to tell the smart TRV's that the temperature they're reading is under the temp in the actual room by x degrees. Once set you can control the actual room temp (or at least much closer to it) rather than the reading at the radiator adjusted by the default algo Tado use to adjust it.

    Once that's done once though, the smart wireless thermostat will probably have the batteries taken out and put away in the cupboard!

  • I have to use them in 3 of my rooms... my TRVs are so close to window sills. So it's great that tado is finally doing something with it... i wish they're not cheeper and smaller. Fibaro have great solution for this problem.