Loss of internet, then reconnected, but none of the tado device reconnects to the internet?!


There was a loss of interest for an hour or two earlier. Naturally, all tado devices disconnected from the internet and not available for remote access.

After the internet resumes, I would expect the Bridge will reconnect itself. But it didn't it had a blinking "cloud" light when I checked. After unplugging power for a "reset", it reconnects to the internet. But none of the other "smart thermostat" reconnects.

I have taken a few of them off and move closer to the bridge, nothing happened, still unable to reconnect.

I have occasionally seen one or two of my tado TRV shown as connected in the "Room and Devices" section, but still unable to have "remote access" and when used "blink the device", it is not showing the usual "Hi" on those devices at all.

tado chat is not particularly useful as there is no guarantee when support will revert back.

The smart heating system turned out to be not that smart now..... sigh.


  • jw0ng02

    I have to tried to restart almost all of the devices, and actually a restarted a few times for the Bridge. Not sure that or the support chat is actually doing something. This has now be resolved.

    HOWEVER, I still want tado to clarify, in circumstances like this, how does the devices are meant to behave, how they are supposed to resume connections etc.