Boiler still running even with all smart TRVs off

I've recently installed Tado and I'm beginning to regret it. My boiler is working overtime and Tado won't respond to my requests for help.

I have smart TRVs attached to all radiators apart from the bathroom towel rail. I have a wireless reciever attached to the boiler and a smart temperature sensor (which appears to be completely useless as it doesn't control anything). Everything appears to be working normally according to the app - connection is solid, green etc.


Even when all the the smart TRVs are off and the radiators are cold, the boiler is continuing to run. Obviously, no hot water is being called for by the radiators so I'm not sure where the hot water is going but this will eventually wear out the boiler.

Also, if Tado is unable to switch off the boiler, then what is the point of the wireless reciever?

Could this be a problem with how tado reciever was wired?

I'd really appreciate any advice before I spend a fortune calling out an engineer

Many thanks


  • GoodBranch

    Hi Mole81

    I have made the EXACT mistake as you and installed a number of TRV's! I have had very poor response from Jurian and he blames everything and everybody but Tado and himself. I was having to get up in the middle of the night to turn the heating off by disconnecting the power supply to the boiler. I put Tado on Away mode still came on. I double checked my programming on all my TRV's but none were calling for heat yet the boiler came on

    I believe it is NOT a wiring issue and that it is in the software. I have repeatedly asked for the programmers advise but Jurian refuses that. In fact, he was so fed up with me trying to help solve my heating issue the he accessed my heating system and basically disconnected all my TRV's which I have spent a fortune for. No consultation and without my agreement. He suggests that I return them all to Costco!! And now has said that I shall not get any more troubleshooting support! Nice!

    I just want a system that works and does not heat up when it shouldn't.

    The other possible issue is with your ( well Taod's really ) connectivity. Again, my fault inn where the Bridge is move it / longer cable / turn it sideways / upside down / straight up and do the Hokey Cokey!

  • If it was a connection problem, surely this would be indicated in the status of the app?

    Who's Jurian?
  • GoodBranch

    Hi again!

    I think that there are 2 issues.

    Software on your TRV's causing the boiler to fire up when no demand but it could be on the Bridge software. I have a non wired Main Thermostat. Also, I have had Tado for many many years and this issue of boiler going on has only happened when I installed a number of TRV's.

    Connectivity. The further your TRV's are the more likely the connection will drop and again this could get the boiler to kick in. I have asked if it would be possible to use the local WiFi or MESH network but that suggestion went down like a lead balloon. Besides who am I other than a customer. One of the excuses was it would use too much battery power on the TRV's! Well, at least they would work.

    My advise DONT but any more TRV's until Tado fix your / our problems. I cannot say 100% a Tado issue for them to resolve but I can say they MUST sort things out as not correct.

    Good luck! I still think Tado great just few techi issues not being sorted out but support team.

  • Thanks. Yes I will keep trying. It really need some tech support from Tado. I live in a small apartment so distance from the internet bridge really shouldn't be an issue. As I say, the app says all the devices are connected. If they aren't connecting properly then not sure how I would know.
  • GoodBranch

    Have you double checked your programming? It might just be one of your time blocks is calling for heating. Also, if a connection is lost to a TRV it might kick the boiler in.

    I resorted to putting it in Away mode as I was having to get up in the middle of the night to turn it off!! I have 11 TRV's and Jurian suggested I go round ( in the middle of the night!) and check which 1 was on!

    But just look at all your time blocks it could be a " rogue" 1. Even delete them on and start again!

  • GoodBranch

    I have been reviewing a lot of the topics and messages and a MAJOR bugbear is connectivity. I have been complaining about it since I purchased my TVR's but was quickly given NO help, thank you Jurian!

    If you read this thread Tado has got real issues with it.

    Please please face up to it and help us sort it out as so annoying!

  • GoodBranch

    Hi Mole81

    Sorry. Jurian the head person on the customer technical support that is there to help customers as much as possible.

    Well, in theory anyway.

    One can postulate problems with the Tado system but often it is rejected as not being possible and down to operator error.

    Common theme. Lack of customer support. Connectivity issues with the Bridge and the system especially TVR's or SRT's.

  • Thanks for your response. Yes, that's absolutely possible but I've checked and rechecked everything and I'm just guessing at this point because I don't really know. I didn't realise Tado support would be so shockingly poor. Unfortunately, unless I can get a response from them to actually check that I've installed correctly I'm going to have to uninstall everything and return it.
  • GoodBranch

    Ho Mole81

    I understand your annoyance and frustration! Especially at the lack of support from Tado. I think they are having issue in coping.

    My suggestion is stick with it. Keep bombarding them with trouble shooting help. Look at what GrayDav has suggested. The system is funny in that it works out what is going wrong and does evolve works.

    I was advised by Tado to return all the TVR's !! Choice!! Boxes gone and fitments and used that was a good suggestion. It will work and Tado will sort it as a great system!

  • Toasty

    I’ve been having similar problems with an installation of the new Wireless Receiver in the last few days. In my case, it turned out that there was a wireless receiver for the old room thermostat that I was unaware of and hidden from view. It was still interacting with the boiler and causing inexplicable behaviour. As soon as I isolated that properly, everything started to work as expected apart from intermittent comms problems between the bridge and thermostats that I’m trying to resolve.

    I mention this because, in the process of diagnosing the problem, I discovered the professional installer instructions on the tadoº website: This got me tracing wires and discovering the hidden receiver. It also describes the test procedure. If that allows you to control your heating system at will, then the wiring is right.

    One thing that many don’t realise, is that it can take up to five minutes for the wireless receiver to take action in response to calls for heat or lack of them. It does this to protect the electromechanical heating equipment by not switching things on and off every few seconds. Many think that the system should respond immediately to any change in the app, but it doesn’t. It is not like the old physical controls.

    I hope this is of some help, and that you manage to fix your installation soon.