Extra valves to avoid overheating? What do you think?


Good day all, I hope that you are well.

I just started with Tado. I have the smart thermostat as well as 2 smart radiator valves. My heating system is water based heated by gas (if that makes sense?)

At the moment, I installed the wired Tado thermostat in my living room . I installed one of the radiator valve in the bathroom and one in the office (see below).

I set my living room/kitchen (which is one big room basically) to 20°, bathroom to 19° and office to 21°.

After two days of use, I realise that my home is currently overheating. Indeed, the temp is gradually rising to 22°, 22.5°, …

What I believe is happening is that, to keep the desired temp in bathroom and office (which are not well insulated), the heating system needs to go on regularly. However, given that all the radiators are linked together, when it goes on in one room, it goes on everywhere, resulting in the overheating. At the moment, what I have to do is manually close the radiators in all other rooms but office and bathroom.

I'm thinking of buying an extra two valves. One for the hallway, and one for the kitchen. (bedroom and living room radiators are permanently closed).

Do you believe that this will help with my problem? Can you think of another solution?

Thanks very much for the help!


  • GrilledCheese2

    There are two modes of operation for TRVs. Do you know how your system is configured?

    1) The wall stat and TRVs have equal priority and can independently call for heat.

    2) The wall stat has priority. The TRVs cannot call for heat when the wall stat is satisfied.

    The second option normally improves the over heating, but the setup has its limitations. Otherwise you will need to purchase more TRVs.

  • rChaid

    Hey GrilledCheese,

    Thanks for your answer!

    I'm not sure how my system is configured. Any idea where I can check? I assume you are talking about the new (Tado) system?

    I can see indeed a limitation with the second option. What if I want a higher temp in say, the office, but the wall thermostat in the living room is already satisfied.

  • GrilledCheese2

    Set the wall stat and all TRVs to 15°C. Wait for the boiler to switch off. Increase the temperature of one TRV to 25°C. If the boiler switches on and the selected radiator starts to heat up then your system is configured as I described in option 1.

    If you want to change the configuration it will have to be done by Tado customer support. At the same time they may be able to give you some additional advice to improve performance.

  • rChaid

    Thanks again for answering me GrilledCheese!

    I tried what you suggested and it appears I’m option 1. The boiler did start up after I turned on one radiator.

    I might give customer support a shout and see what they come up with. In the meantime I’m gonna buy an extra two valves.