Replace Nest for Tado?


When my new combi was recently installed, I opted to put a Nest in.

I asked the plumber about zoning and he suggested smart TRV's, so now I have the Nest and 7 Tado rad thermostats.

Apart from scheduling these for morning and evening heat, I will target any heat during the day as necessary to particular rooms, but this requires overriding the TRV's and bumping up the Nest.

What I'd really prefer is the TRV's to dictate whether the boiler supplies heat, i.e. if any of them call for heat, the boiler kicks in.

Would changing the Nest for a Tado thermostat offer this or is there any other benefit to having a completely Tado system?



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  • samd
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    @Aidan Yes it would allow each tado device to call for heat. I am unsure what the current Tado default is as some seem to get mode 1 and others mode 2 but support can change this for you.

    Mode 1. No tado device gets heat unless main boiler-controlling tado Wall Thermostat calls for heat

    Mode 2. All devices can call and get regardless.


  • @samd thanks for the very helpful response.

    Would it be wired or wireless, I'm not clear on the distinction?

    I would get rid of the Nest and use the Tado to also control hot water.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Aidan I had Nest and just swapped out the nest junction box so mine is wired to the combi boiler and Nest resides in my man-drawer! You should itemise all your kit and your requirements with Support at and they will send you detailed wiring and other instructions for your installation.

  • Something else to consider would be whether or not you wish to use the Google Assistant Home and Away routines. Currently Tado haven't updated their integration so whilst you can opt to have your Nest adjust your heating in relation to the Google Assistant Home/Away status, you're unable to do the same if you swap to Tado.

  • Thanks @Ditsy, I use Amazon devices and they do a great job, as you can create rad groups and adjust them all in one go.

    @samd I contacted Tado support and they were a massive help, taking all my kit details and recommending the wireless thermostat. I then cheekily asked if they had a discount code and they came through very generously, so kudos to them, one happy customer.

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