Was working No remote access


Multiple radiators and bridge all working for a year.

Attempted to replace a wired thermostat upstairs. Wrong wiring and blew heating fuse. Now no remote access.

Replaced original thermostat. Heating working and rads all connected, but no remote access.

Tried pairing an router restart.

any ideas, please


  • Mikey_B
    Hi Roy, I think it's just coincidental that you blew the fuse at the same time as a tado issue. Is your internet EE by any chance?
    There is a UK wide issue that is being addressed at the moment. Many of us have been faced with this.
    Please see the link below.

  • roy20

    No, Virgin broadband.

    All working fine. Rads in each room all connected.

    Problem after connecting wired thermostat to upstairs thermostat. Had to change back to original. Problem now, no remote access.

    Restarted bridge, router.

    Would a new bridge solve it