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Nest to Tado - Heating common wire

I’ve wired my new Tado extension unit from my previous nest heat link, however on my Nest I had a common wire within the heating block.
The live was bridges to the common wire for the hot water.

I noticed straight away that Tado does away with the common wire for hot water, but it does not reference what to do with the common wire for the heating. Anyone done a similar move? No it’s a Y plan boiler to hot water tank set up.


  • The Tado extension kit does not need any wires bridging to the Live. When using jumper position 2 the bridging is done internally. The new wireless receiver is different, as its wiring is similar to the Nest.

  • Grilled Cheese, How do you know if you have a new wireless receiver, and does anyone have a wiring diagram to convert Nest to Tado?


  • @CraigB the new wireless receiver has multiple LEDs and symbols on the front, whereas the extension kit is just a plain flat surface.

    The attached picture shows the pin out for the wireless receiver. The Nest is similar, but the pins I marked in red are swapped over. If you tell Tado customer support you are migrating from Nest they will give you instructions for wiring.

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