Loss of functions after application upgrade with Tado V3+


I had to resynch my Mitsubishi remote controller with Tado V3+ AC. I usually control my Tado with Homekit automations. I don’t rely on Tado’s app.

First bad surprise: Tado proposes only a Thermostat mode to control my AC. I can only see Heat, cool. All other features, that were present before the app upgrade, have disappeared.

Second bad surprise : it seems Tado’s app overrides instructions coming from Homekit. My AC is in heat mode at the moment, set at 22ºC by Homekit, but it blows strong and very hot. And then when temperature in the room reaches 22ºC, AC turns off, and it’s not coming from Homekit.

So in conclusion I’ve lost basic functions that were present when I bought the Tado, and now I can’t use it through Homekit as the Tado’s app acts on its own...

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  • Whiterabbit64
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    Ok, I’ve found how to come back from Thermostat to Standard mode on Tado application.

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