Tado radiator thermostat won’t “click” lock on trv


I have bought 3 radiator thermostat valves. 2 have “click” locked onto the valves but the third dies not click lock and is just perched and can easily be knocked off if hit by hoover etc. Given I have successfully “click” locked the other 2 I am thinking that I must have a faulty radiator thermostat or is there something I’m doing wrong?

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    Try taking the collar off the rad and click locking it onto the trv away from the radiator. If it click locks into place then it is just a fitment issue which can be resolved by reattaching the collar to the rad. If it won't click lock then it is a manufacturing issue and you should contact Tado.


  • Caderman

    Thanks, I switched the collars around and as you suggested did it away from the radiator and they gave both clicked into place.