TRV’s not working

I have 2 Tado smart radiator valves installed in my bedroom and adjoining bathroom.

When I call for heat via the app - they acknowledge the temp increase but radiator remain cold.

This started happening last week.

I’ve noticed when I call for heat the black pin underneath the thermostat goes in and when I reduce the temp to turn the thermostat off the black pin goes out

Any ideas how to fix this or if I’m doing something wrong

I’ve reset the thermostats and deleted from the app and readded


  • Gmaxx1931
    Yea boiler fires up each time as all other radiators heat up

    The 2 SRT were brand new so new batteries

    I’ve tried resetting by taking out the batteries for - 10 secs and replacing and still nothing
  • GoodBranch

    May I bear bad news? They are possibly the biggest waste of money I have ever had the misfortune to spend £000's on! They ask the boiler to fire up when in Away mode/ in the middle of the night and generally when ever they feel like wasting your fuel and money!

    Do not expect too much support from customer support other than them advising you to send them back if not please with them as they can be bothered to give you support! Oh, and then they will not provide further support as asked too many times to sort it out! Silly me!! I thought that customer support was to support customers!

    This is possibly due to so many customers complaining and keeping them very busy fire fighting!

    If you look round this Tado Community it is littered with complaints of poor customer support / poor/dropping connectivity / boiler firing up as and when it fancies when told to by some rogue Tado software!

  • Gmaxx1931

    Had a gas engineer visit today who reduced the heat to the upstairs rads which were all at level 6 and now I have heat in the 2 rads bedroom & bathroom

    Agree the service from Tado Support is not existent and extremely poor - your literally on your own.
  • GoodBranch

    Yup and literally have to revert to a manual system and override the non functioning Tado one.

    They are having a well deserved weekend off why worry about customers!!

    They will still be there on Monday when they drop back in for a few hours work of reading complaints and making platitudes!

    Over / under heating / connectivity / boilers firing up at will / total melt down, etc .etc.

    You may even have to physically turn power off and on to the boiler!