Multi room independant temp control via smart TRV plus single master override temp for all rooms?


Can I set a single temp for multiple tado smart TRVs without having to set each TRV individually from app?

I am not talking about using a single temp sensor as the master for all smart TRVs.

I currently have only the tado thermostat monitoring the temp in the hall. When it calls for heat, all rooms receive it until the hall reaches desired temp.

I would like to add tado smart TRVs to each radiator in each room to avoid rooms becoming hotter than the hall.

I understand each of the smart TRVs can call for heat or dial the water flow down so the radiator does not emit heat.

I am also aware that tado smart TRVs can take their temp reading from a tado add on temp sensor to provide a better indicator of room temp/ control multiple smart TRVs per room

If I add the smart TRVs to all of my rads, can I set a master temp across all rads or do I have to set the temp on each rad individually from the app?

I don’t want to have to set the temp 9 times each time I want to increase or decrease the temp.

I want to set a master temp across all rads but I want each rad to stop heating when each rad reaches its desired temp, ie when all the rads in living room reach 20 degrees c then they dial down the water flow and remain unaffected by any other rads calling for heat.

To take that further I would like to add a tado temp sensor to each room so guests can override the master temp per room (without having to go round all the TRVs in a single room) but should I wish to if I set a new master temp it overrides all existing temps?

Hopefully I have been clear.

Thank you in advance for your responses.


  • GoodBranch

    Hi J007

    It is clear what you want to achieve but at the moment it is not possible dont expect it to work!

    I wished for the same but Tado software is letting it down.

    I installed 10 SRT / TVR's but I then advised the system only allows 8 to work as independent as you wish.

    The more you install the worse your system becomes as the boiler will fire up randomly when some ' rogue' SRT/TVR is calling for heat when it shouldn't. This happens when in " Away" mode and EVERYTHING should be off but still fires up.

    I have had to revert to turning the power off to the boiler as it keeps on firing despite all thermostats showing as off and on Frost Protection.

    Support will not support you on this.

    I am having to put the system on Away at nights but even then mid early morning 3am my heating came on as my " Dumb rads" allowed heat through. Loss of sleep / loss of ££££.

    PLEASE THINK TWICE THE TECHNOLOGY SOUNDS GREAT BUT Tado has not got to the stage of it working definitely do not buy more SRT/TVR!

    I complained so much they told me to send them back for a refund and stop pestering Customer Support as they would not support me any more.

  • GoodBranch

    Oh sorry.

    Major thing is the Bridge loses connection with random SRT/TVR's this can change but the larger the house the further away from the Bridge the more it will happen.

    Again Support = No Support other than change the angle / position of the Bridge / swap SRT/TVR's / change batteries / do the hokey pokey and turn around!

  • J007

    Thank you GoodBranch for your response.

    I will keep that in mind regarding the number of independant devices and dropped connections.

    What about the query regarding setting the temp for all devices to reach in one action.

    When I view the advertisement and imagery it implies that you have to click each device displayed on the app to set the temp per device. Is there a way to say set all devices to temp x in one go from the app?

    Following up on your comments...

    Say there were three radiators per room,

    If I group the three smart TRVs from a single room to an addition temp sensor for that room, does that count as one independant device or four independant devices?

  • GoodBranch

    Hi. I have been chatting to some of the Tado support team. The mobile app cannot do all that you are asking but the can.

    BUT what I have been advised and reality are 2 different things. What you are asking is a bit similar to myself.

    I have 10 SRT/TVR but you wish to be able to either set the local temp on a SRT or general temp. So that means you have to separate who is dictating demanding the heating. Either centralised or individually.

    I was advised that the 2 options are available for each "Room" ( SRT) or the Main Thermostat. But for the life of me I cannot see it. So it is Settings / Rooms and Devices. Then Heating and you will / might see Zone Controller. I was told that I could see this for each SRT but I cannot get that option.

    They told me that they are developing this function and hope to have it available for the mobile app but I think that it is not yet working too well.

    Sorry, but I get slightly confused as well!