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I want to purchase Tado Smart controls for my gas central heating (combi). I have a question to see if it can do what I want. I want to:

  1. Group rooms into zones (e.g Bedrooms, Living room on its own, etc)
  2. I want each room in the group / zone to have its own temperature control
  3. I want to have different time settings for each group

Can the Tado TRV's do this? Also, what do I need to buy in terms of a starter kit?


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  • samd
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    @slowbutsure Yes it can do all 3 of your issues. In connection with your starter kit, you would be best placed to list all your current equipment (makes, Models, type etc) and outline what you intend to do, pass that to Support at and they will furnish you with wiring and installation diagrams, wiring requirements and tado items to purchase.