Radiator overheating

Radiator is ramping up the heat when it should be going into a cool period. It is set to switch down to 10C but going up to 30C. I have had no response from my question sent to Tado. Is anyone having similar issues or have any ideas on how to fix it?


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @LC1Hop Could you add a bit more info please? Has it always done this? What's your tado setup? etc

  • LC1Hop
    Hi. The problem just began this week. I have had my Tado system for a few years. I have my study set to heat to 20C during the day when I am working and to drop to 10 about half an hour before I finish work. I sit next to the radiator and on Wednesday realised it was heating rather than switching off in the mid afternoon. It got up to 30C. I set it to be completely off and also reduced my main thermostat temperature before the radiator stopped heating. It was overheated in the morning but then settled to work properly until the same time when it should have switched itself off. The same happened on the third day. I don’t have the study heated at weekends so am expecting it to do the same tomorrow. I changed nothing on the system before this happened. My 3 other radiator valves are fine. Does that explain it more? I emailed Tado each day it happened but have had absolutely no response at all

  • Hi. Since I installed TRV/SRT's my heating has come on at random times when it actually should be off as in the middle of the night. Heating up when even in Away mode.

    I too have had Tado for a long time but the fact that I am almost having to revert to a manual system. I even had to get up at 3am to turn off the power to the boiler.

    Support as many now report very very power delayed and often rude!

    I am sure that it is a software design flaw that needs sorting asap.

  • LC1Hop
    Hi This morning my radiator refused to work so I decided to change the batteries even though there was no low power warning. It did the trick. I have now also had a response from Tado saying they have improved the calibration parameters for the radiator thermostat. They also said to remove the batteries for a few minutes and then wait for a minute before remounting the valve. Thanks for the responses. I hope this may help anyone else having similar issues.
  • I have a similar issue with my main room thermostat and the rads staying on even when the app shows there should be no heat demand. Might have to try jiggling or changing the batteries - the app says they are “good”. Did the app say there was no demand for heat?
  • My problem is also this last few days
  • I have said exactly the same. Heating when there should be no demand.

    Never a Tado issue and all down to my system and my set up

    BUT BUT BIT I am sure that there is a major software design fault that can and should be sorted by Tado.

  • LC1Hop
    The app was saying there was no demand for heat but the radiator was on.
  • I think our issue is down to a new trv we installed in an extra room - it should be controlled by the main thermostat but it appears to be acting as a main thermostat. If I turn everything else off, I can get the boiler to switch on and off using just that trv. I think tado need to do something their end so have emailed them.
  • My issue is the same awaiting Tado support to look at these issues and sort them.

    They are looking at Zone Controlling for each room/TRV.

    Ask them!