clever system, daft user or average user, limited system?

There's a lot of good here - am just loving the idea that I can use the app to increase the temperature on the smart thermostat in the room I'm in, it calls for heat and, hey presto, personalised heating for that space...brilliant!  Or is it?

This is maybe where I am getting it wrong but...I have a couple of dozen radiators across 14 or so rooms and corridors.  I have 5 rooms covered so far with Tado smart TRVs (with 5 more TRVs to install). personal space (above) is the room I'm in PLUS every other room or radiator without a TRV.  Suddenly I don't feel so clever and nor am I saving money with Tado.

The limitation of the number of rooms necessarily means I have some manual thermostatic valves which will take any heat they are offered - even if it's called from a far flung radiator in a room at the other end of the house.

Am I missing something or is there a way around this?  Similarly, I have a more exposed spare room - three external walls - which, whilst the smart TRVs are set low, will ask for a tickle of heat every now and then...the same issue presumably in that every other non smart radiator gets hot and uses oil.


  • not 100% convinced Tado will save you that much cash, especially if you pay for the subscription, but it will make your place more comfortable.

    you can set your living space to comfortable temperatures when you are in them, and the off when you are not using them (bedroom off during the day and on at night, living rooms on during the day and off at night) and for your exposed spare room you can set it to frost protection (5C) normally and only switch it on if you are in or someone is staying.

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    I would suggest you start by reading this article:

    It is important to understand that all rooms that are not fitted with Smart Radiator Thermostats will also start to heat if they are not closed and there is at least 1 room asking for heat. You can either solve this by adding more Smart Radiator Thermostats so these rooms will be set to OFF automatically when no heat is needed or alternatively you could consider turning these radiators to the OFF position manually and only open them when you actually want to use that room.