Radiator valve thermostats in different rooms seem to turn each other on


Hi community!

Thanks so mjuch for any help. I have a tado smart thermostat set up with radiator valves on 5 radiators in 3 different rooms. My current problem is the radiators in the bedroom seem to turn on and off the radiators in the living room. The radiator in the spare bedroom is working great - it doesn't turn on/off the others at all.

Has anyone had this? Does anyone have suggestions to how i can make it work well - I haven't done anything different in installing the spare bedroom one, but that works well.

Thanks so much


  • DaveW

    Sound to me like the radiator valves are assigned to the wrong room. The best way to check is to go to the Rooms and Devices in the Settings menu and then select each Smart Radiator thermostat and click on "Blink Display". This will make the display on the valve say "Hi" and help you to work out which valve is which. Then you simply assign it to the correct room on the same settings page.

  • Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. Gave that a go and can confirm the radiator valves are already correctly assigned to the right rooms, so it wasn't that.

    Open to any other suggestions! Thanks for the help

  • GoodBranch

    Hi. I have to say that I feel that there are inherent software problems with the Tado SRT's sorry!

    I find they can call for the boiler to fire up for no reason and even if your system is switched to Away mode and everything is just showing Frost Protection.

    Another major issue is Connectivity and the more SRT's that you have the worse it becomes and the more random issues that you get.

    This is a problem that only Tado and software programmers can resolve I feel!

  • samd
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    @nique_woody Have you checked which measuring device is in use by each TRV? Rooms & Devices>Select the room arrow not the tado device>Near the bottom of page.

  • @samd Thanks for the suggestion - took a look and for the bedroom, the measuring device is one of them. For the radiators in the living room, it's the smart thermostat itself. That sounds right to me?

    So I'm not sure if I should change them or not but at the moment, turning on the living room also turns on the bedroom radiators, but only in one room, not all rooms.

    Any suggestions are really welcome!