Please can Tado increase the 10 TRV limit


I have 14 radiators and 12 Tado TRVs. It is very frustrating that I can't control more than 10 TRVs independently (or, as Tado puts it, only TRVs can independently call for heat).

I'd gladly max out my 14 rads if I could get independent control. I have a 3 bedroom house, so not massive and not worthy of multiple boilers.

This rather arbitrary limit seems to be at odds with the fine-grained control Tado is selling.

TADO - PLEASE increase the number of TRVs that can independently call for heat.


  • Hi. I know there are currently a lot of gripes with the system as is. To me it is too ridge and I agree why not allow more TRV's and clearly have to clearly explained other than like it to lump it attitude.

    I think that TRV's are a nice bit of kit and the way forward as you see that too but it is early days in their take up with teething problems.

    Would be nice to get admission that this is a failure of the system and that Tado are actively look at improving / modifying it. Being proactive with their customers.

    You are lucky that you do not have any connectivity issues with so many TRV's! This is a major recurring issue and to simple person like myself some signal boosters or software modification. Sky had a similar issue when Sky Q came out and we got load of boosters ( FOC!) but eventually Sky updated the software to get improved connectivity.

  • I have found the system to be very reliable, and I have no gripes about the functionality.

    It irks me that there are 2 rooms in my house that don't get temperature controlled at all and 2 that have to share a temperature reading. The outlay for 12 TRVs, a thermostat and an extension box is not small