Use Humidity to Modify Temperature

The humidity information seems pointless to have in the Tado thermostat system as it stands. Why not use the humidity to modify the temperature setting to allow "feels like" temperature functionality?

The relationship between humidity and apparent temperature is that, for roughly a 10% increase in humidity, the apparent temperature increases by slightly less than 1deg C.

In the UK, where I live, the relative humidity in my house varies from about 40-65%. Having the temperature set point automatically adjusted according to humidity would add a bit more heat in the winter, when it's drier, and a bit less as summer approaches, without me having to change anything.


  • Hi @dazzaling69, (nice name BTW)
    This sounds like a really good idea to me, would be interesting to hear other people's views on the technical feasibility of this. 🤔
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    @dazzaling69 an interesting suggestion for a useful feature. Tado already has a temperature offset feature for their system. This could easily be coupled with the humidity sensor to automatically adjust the offset value as humidity changes in the home.

    Alternatively, if this was not implemented in the App they could allow the offset value to be modified by IFTTT. We could then have applets that read the humidity and adjust the offset according to personal preference.

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    @dazzaling69 Interesting as others have said but would we be able to tell the difference at the sort of temperatures experienced within a house environment?

  • I certainly notice it. Last month the humidity in my home was peaking at 55%. Last night the humidity was down to 38% and the lounge felt cooler than usual. It prompted me to check the the app and see that the heating was running, which it was.

  • It's 1-2 degrees C over a typical humidity range in a house. Could be more in, e.g., a steamy bathroom. I would definitely feel 1-2C.

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    @dazzaling69 OK my comment was made cos I thought I had heard somewhere that the apparent temperature does not really become 'apparent' below 27C

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    @samd Just a thought, maybe this is the temperature at which humidity can be perceived i.e. 'Clammy' or 'Close' ?

    As for this idea I think there must be value in the 'feels like' value as come warmer months I reduce all my rooms by ~1-2 degrees.

    On a separate note 'Humidity' is not pointless as it currently stands (I Hope) I expect the Tado system is currently utilising Humidity to estimate the heating required to reach target temperature. I read somewhere that the heat required for heating humid air is somewhat increased for humid air, in effect you need to heat all the water in the air which uses lots more energy than if it were dry air etc.

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone actually know "IF" Tado actually does "anything" with the humidity readings.......apart from actually displaying it in the App ??🤔

    I personally don't "see" anything that I would regard as utilising the information/data.

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    @GrayDav4276 No idea about where they are used but if they are they must be Relative Humidity rather then Absolute and, therefore, dependent upon the reading of temperature by the individual radiator stat not known for its accuracy!. I use SensorPush devices ice-water temp-calibrated and calibrated for humidity and the two rads that I have done a direct comparison on are a considerable distance 'off'. Last week with 89% RH outside and house windows open with through draft SensorPush showing 70.5%, tado in same room showing 75%.

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    Hi @samd
    I would "love" to believe that Tado actually really does utilise the data from the "humidity sensor" within its devices.....but as a true cynic, I believe that the "humidity sensor" simply came as a "built in" part of the hardware temperature sensor that Tado purchased as part of the manufacturing process for their devices.
    It's a little bit of "never mind the quality, feel the width" (an old 60's comedy show)
    I actually believe that it is a "function" that Tado "gained" through the production process rather than a "function" by design.
    The room comfort displayed in my App shows all/most of my rooms as "cold & humid" nearly all of the time....however in the monthly energy savings shows my rooms as perfect for 89% of the there doesn't seem to be any correlation in this data showing in my App.
    For me it's another "smoke & mirrors" which depends on our willingness to believe Tado's version of this functionality....