2 apartments, 2 thermostats, 1 furnace


Hello everyone,

We're currently in the process of renovating our house and we need to solve the issue of heating 2 different apartments with the same furnace.

The current scenario:

We have a temperature of e.g. 20°C in parts of Apartment 1 while in Apartment 2 the temperature is 22°C in all rooms.

Since the thermostat is currently in Apartment 2, the oil furnace stops heating and Apartment 1 remains cold.

What we want to achieve:

Since we have different ideal temperatures, we plan to install radiator valves on all (or most) radiators, but this still doesn't solve the temperature difference problem in apartments. We were thinking to install 1 thermostat in Apartment 1 and 1 thermostat in Apartment 2. This way, even if we go to vacation, my parents in Apartment 1 still have their heating (and we're not heating our apartment) and vice versa.

Is it possible to connect 2 tado thermostats wirelessly to 1 furnace and control also 2 pumps?

Thank you for your help!


  • I read your requirement as wanting separate geo-location for each apartment. The arrival of occupants in apartment in 1 does not switch on the heating in apartment 2 and vice-versa.

    Do the apartments have their own separate telephone line and internet?

  • Hi GrilledCheese2,

    Yes, the apartments have their own telephone & internet line (fiber in both). Just to clarify - this is a 2-family house. In one of the aparments I live with my GF and baby and in the other, my parents live. They have different cold zones, so if one apartment gets hot enough, I don't want to stop heating the house as such, just that one apartment (but it's not solvable just by using thermostats as we want different temperature regimes).

  • You need to install an internet bridge in each apartment and setup two user accounts, one for each bridge. You can only connect one bridge to a router, which is why I was checking that each apartment has its own internet service.

    In each apartment you install your wireless smart thermostats and TRVs and link them to the user account for that apartment.

    In the furnace room you install two wireless receivers to switch on the electric valve &/or pump for their respective apartment. The control gear is then wired to a common switched live on the furnace.

    This should give you two independent systems with full control of the temperature in each apartment. The Tado devices are not aware that there is a shared furnace providing the heat. It’s a bit like a district heating system but on a smaller scale.

    You don’t mention that you have any motorised valves on the pipework. Their inclusion would allow you to isolate the radiators for each apartment. Otherwise, you will have to rely on the smart TRVs to stop radiators from heating up when they shouldn’t be.

    Check with Tado customer support or a heating engineer before you proceed, but from a theoretical point of view I think you can have a working solution with The Tado system.