Geofencing issue


My lodger - who is invided into the system and has the app on his phone - its permissions seem properly set up - but when he is out the system is not registerring him as out meaning when I then go out the heating is still on - exactly why I installed Tado for - not heating and empty flat !!

I wonder what might be happening here - has Geofencing become an extra feature - my lodger recently bought a new phone and so I wonder if that change has had this effect.

Is there a list of things I need to check to get this working again ?


  • Marconie
    edited December 2020

    He might need to change the permissions on his phone to allow location use on the tado app. Also there is an option on the app on his phone which needs to turned on to use his phone phone as a location marker. ANd of course there is a subscription to automatically turn on and off the heating.