Multizone multi thermostat + TRVs

Hello - hoping someone can help - ive raised a support request, but its ging to take a day or two for a response

Boiler is an IDEAL ESP 35

I have two heating circuits providing heat to two heating zones

1 Zone I have replaced the thermostat (a Danfoss TP7000M) with a V3+ smart thermostat. It is set to R01

I have also installed 4 TRVs that run in this same zone, and assigned them to be controlled by the zone thermostat in the web control panel

All are in separate rooms in the tado app

This all works perfectly, TRVS can call heat individually and so can the smart thermostat. They fire the boiler on and turn it off once temperature is reached

I have now installed another smart thermostat for the second zone which contains only a single room and a single radiator (no TRV, valve open). It is also its own room in the tado app. This was also a Danfoss TP7000M and was wired the same way as the first thermostat I installed. I have a live wire (COM) and a NO wire (N/O) the other wires (Earth, and Neutral) are in the parked pins

Problem: Whenever I attach the second smart thermostat to its backpanel which is mounted and wired, it fires up the boiler instantly and heats BOTH zones (TRVs remain closed) and doesnt turn off the boiler unless I take the thermostat OFF the backplate again - so it is constantly calling for heat? This is the second thermostat to do this on this connection, I did send one back thinking it was faulty, but it cant be?  This thermostat is set to independent in the web panel, it is also set to R01 in its menu settings

As soon as I take it off, I need to reset the boiler (power cycle) for the other thermostat/TRVs to work properly again

Any ideas what ive done wrong?

Thanks for your help

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  • Update:

    After some testing, Ive got as far as being able to have two independent zones. However, thermostat 2 still calls for heat all of the time until I yank it off the backplate. The boiler then shuts itself off after a minute or so - the rest of the house is still happy, and doesnt heat up as it did before... therefor, no need to power cycle everything anymore!

    Progress I feel, but still no idea why it calls for heat when its set to OFF, or lower then the room temperature

  • further update:

    Their support replied, with:

    'Your 2nd thermostat was configured wrong - ive fixed it for you'

    Sure enough, yes they have, which is great! because they seem to have fixed it.. but no idea as to what they did, so I asked - lets see what I did wrong :)

    Thanks to their support