Do you need an extension kit for getting the boiler to start when radiator calls for heating?


I have a Tado Wired thermostat linked to a brand new Intergas Extreme boiler. I have had a few V3+ radiator controls for a while. I noticed that the Bolier only kicks in when the thermostat calls for heating in the room where the Thermostat is located.

I was under the impression form the website that I don't need an extesion kit if the thermostat is wired to the boiler and that the radioator controls will send their requests to the the themostat to realy the heating request. Is this correct?

If so, what can be the cause that the themostat is not relaying the heating requests?



  • It's possible trvs aren't configured to talk to the thermostat, you can't see the setting tado support need to sort it