App switches to AWAY mode even when I'm home!


In the last few days I've noticed that the app (phone & web) insist that I'm AWAY from the house even when I'm at home.

I've done all the 'help' suggests: correct house location in settings, restarted phone, location services on, background refresh on, re-started the app all to no avail.

If I switch to AUTO as it wants me to in goes into AWAY mode (automatically) and my location is shown in the top-left on the Geofencing screen with a ? alongside.

If I switch to HOME mode heating re-starts and the text says that no devices are set-up...!

Any ideas out there?



  • Update... If I go to Settings -> People there is only 1 person, that's me. But there is a red ? against my device and text that says "this device has not reported its location for 48 hours" which supports that fact Geofencing has stopped in the last few days.

    Should I remove the device? (me) What happens if I do? Can i add me again?

    I fear there's something more wrong tho...

  • OK, to answer my own case anyone else has similar issues...

    I eventually noticed than although Settings -> Geofencing -> Home WiFi Detection showed my home wifi name it had the word "Add" after... So I added it and it then decided I was Home, although it took a trip out to a decent Mobile signal to move Me to Home on returning.

    But... on looking at Wifi Detection again after I got home it again showed "Add" after my wifi name. But it still thought I was Home (maybe due to mobile signal whilst out?). Have clicked Add again to be sure.... But why did it need adding twice? Seems it doesn't remember?

    All's working for now - will monitor as I'm not convinced it won't happen again.