Multiple heating circuits


JI just bought tado am am waiting several days for Tado support to read my requests. In the meantime, I wanted to see if anyone else knew the answer:

I have 2 heating circuits and one hot water (well I have 3 heating circuits but leaving one alone for now). Each is controlled by its own wired thermostat (upstairs, downstairs and extension).

I bought a wired thermostat (upstairs) and set it up with the bridge and that works fine, replacing the old wired thermostat.

Then I plan to use a wireless thermostat and receiver for downsstairs (and hot water).

As soon as I registered the wireless receiver, I could no longer see the wired thermostat in the app. Seems the default is to change a aired thermstat to wireless as soon as a receiver is registered on your account (which is nuts - why would I bother wiring in a thermostat if I wanted it to be wireless?!)

Luckily, while waiting for Tado to respond I found out via this forum that Tado have just enabled me to be able to disconnect the wired thermostat from the wireless receiver and now it is back in the app. Great.

So now I want to install the TRVs. I want each TRV to ask for heat to wither the wireless receiver or the wired thermostat, depending on what circuit the radiator is connected to. I went to the website but I can only see Wireless receiver or independent as two options - there is no mention of the TRV being able to ask for heat via the wired thermostat.

I assume that I can get Tado to configure this for me, even if the option is still not on the website for self configuration. Please tell me this is the case and that Tado can actually control multiple heating circuits...


  • Install your trv. In the app tell the trv which room it’s in.

    Go to settings and go into the rooms and devices option and select the room that your trv is in. This allows you to specify which wired thermostat to link your trv to so it can call for heat.
  • Thanks - posted this a while ago. I think the option appeared on the website just about the time I posted this.