Electric underfloor

Can rhe thermostat be wireless when using with electric underfloor heating or must it be wired in?

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  • Thank you very much, Frank. I am at about 16 and would need a probe. I’ll hold off replacing my current system if I can for awhile in the hopes Tado develops something (but understand it may not be a feature/item in high demand.
  • I think it is - underfloor heating is quite common nowadays. I have had u/f heating for many yrs & now with Tado I am waiting for such a device. I think 16A is usual for ufh. I would like also to be able to use Tado / HomeKit to control the ufh.
  • Hi Frank,

    I know you folks can't comment on product development (and for good reason I'm sure), but it would be a fantastic addition to the Tado lineup to have. Right now I would prefer Tado over Heatmiser if possible when replacing our current thermostat array.